PlanMeca Cone Beam Scanner

Routine dental visits will often require you to receive an x-ray scan. However, x-ray images are flat, two dimensional, and have their limitations. Dentists often need specialized technology to detect and diagnose specific dental issues.

Cone Beam CT Technology is an effective solution for diagnosing dental issues that standard x-ray images are not able to capture. Cone Beam CT scans provide a digital, three-dimensional view of areas located below the teeth and gums. Most importantly, it gives the dentist a more in-depth view of the mouth, allowing them to view teeth roots, any existing dental implants, and cavities. So what are some of the most important benefits of this technology?

Top 5 Benefits of Cone Beam CT Scans:

1. Reduces serious surgical risks. Cone Beam CT scans are instrumental in preventing serious dental surgery risks. This technology enables the dentist to precisely and accurately create and execute surgery tailored to a patient’s specific needs or desires. Creating a customized surgical procedure can help the dentist avoid any complications or risks.

2. These scans can help differentiate between different types of tissues. Perhaps the biggest problem with traditional x-ray scans is that they do not show the many differences between tissues located in the mouth. For example, a dental surgeon may have trouble differentiating between soft tissue or nerves by using an x-ray image alone. Fortunately, Cone Beam CT scans eliminate this issue, giving the dentist a far more accurate, complete image of the patient’s mouth.

3. Clearer images. Unlike x-ray images, Cone Beam CT technology provide dentists and patients with sharp, high-resolution images that accurately display the patient’s mouth, eliminating the chance for errors to occur.

4. Helpful for identifying many dental conditions. Issues such as infections, tumors, cysts, and other problems are much easier to identify when using Cone Beam CT scans. The technology is extremely beneficial when it comes to detecting and treating irregularities within the mouth.

5. Non-invasive and quick. A Cone Beam CT scan can be completed in just seconds, thereby reducing your exposure to radiation. They’re also non-invasive, so there is very little chance for discomfort during the scan.

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